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pictures -- knitted textile art; examples

about the artist

About Ruth Lee

Ruth Lee is a practising textile artist, published author and experienced lecturer. She taught for many years at Cumbria Institute of the Arts from 1983 until 2008.

Having worked with contemporary textile construction techniques from the late 1970s, Ruth has returned to her roots in print.  Accepted onto aa2a (Artist Access to Art College) at the University of Central Lancashire for 2011/12, this scheme gave Ruth access to their printmaking and digital facilities.

Ruth is currently exploring new directions in her art textile practice, focusing on large scale, contemporary art textiles for interior spaces, combining digital textile printing and laser cutting with the hand made.

A new website is planned for early 2013 to reflect these changes, but in the meantime see Ruth Lee page on the aa2a.biz website and on this website, under digital images.


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